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Grypmat Review

The Grypmat® is made from proprietary, flexible, non-magnetic, non-slip, anti-static material that is highly chemical resistant. The Grypmat is an anti-static mat as well perfect for tinkerers working with sensitive electronic products. The Grypmat is resistant to all types of chemicals, and if it gets gunked up with grease, dust or any dirt, wiping it with a damp cloth will make it as good as new again. The GrypMat is a non-slip flexible tool holder that will grip to your fender and the tray will “hold on” and also hold on to your tools. The Grypmat is a helpful accessory that offers an impressive hold on anything you lay on its surface. For detailed information about the availability and pricing, please contact your local Grypmat representative. About a year ago a company called Grypmat reached out to me to test a new product they had… I did, and have come to find it invaluable when working on airplanes. I think the best advice I can give is to get out and sell your product.

What advice do you have for other would-be entrepreneurs serving in the reserve component? There have been a lot sleepless nights getting Grypmat off the ground and so much of the credit goes to my family and friends that supported me in the hard times. Grypmat is a mat that can be use for almost anything and anywhere. In a world where a lost tool can have serious consequences, I’ll happily spend a few extra quid for that alone. PREVENTS TOOL LOSS: With the Grypmat, your tools aren’t going anywhere. Resistant to chemicals, it comes with an insane grip that can hold tools on a number of work surfaces. I’m sure there will be more updates to come, but right now I’m just excited to look toward the future and what that might hold. Grypmat will release for the first time to the automotive aftermarket the Grypmat Trio. Our goal was to get as many sharks to take a bite out of Grypmat as possible. Since then, the Grypmat has been featured on ABC’s Shark Tank where Tom grabbed three accomplished sharks (Sir Richard Branson, Mark Cuban, and Lori Greiner) and made a deal which allowed him to bring the Grypmat to the masses.

Burden is demonstrating Grypmat on Shark Tank on Sunday, November 12. He has either the good fortune or bad luck of presenting in front of guest shark, Sir Richard Branson, founder and CEO of Virgin Airlines. Tom Burden, a mechanic in the US Air Force, developed the Grypmat because that lucky SOB actually had this problem. Invented by U.S. Air Force fighter-jet machine-gun mechanic Tom Burden, it doesn’t use any magnets — it’s just the special material that it’s made of which makes it so grippy. Grypmat was founded in 2013 by Tom Burden, an F-16 mechanic in the Air National Guard. There is no question that “Shark Tank” was the right move for Grypmat. There were some small things I would like to change but we had such a successful experience that I really can’t think of anything that stands out. Keep the bottom of your Grypmat clean or it will gather dirt and, if you use it on a painted surface, you'll end up with scratches, so, just like your fender covers, keep their bottom sides clean.

How soon will I get my refund? And if you want it to look spotless, a little soap and water will do the job. Our team is ready for the challenges ahead and I want to thank everyone that supported my dream to bring the Grypmat to market”. When you’re working on your car or in a shop, you want to make sure your tools stay close by for you to grab what you need at a moment’s notice. Where do you put your tools when you’re working on your aircraft in the hangar? It’s especially helpful in protecting the surface of whatever you’re working on. FLAME RESISTANT: This one is pretty self-explanatory Catching on fire while working (a risk some mechanics face pretty regularly) is not good for productivity. Say goodbye to muffin tins, carpet squares and dirty rags, and say hello to a reliable, flexible, simple solution to protect your prized airplane while keeping you organized in the process.