Grypmat Review

Our Grypmat review will help you decide if it will be useful to you, do you really need this in your workshop?

To read another grypmat review just follow the link, it has gone into a little more depth into the product than I have here.

Grypmat Review

Our Grypmat review and test reveals that this is one outstanding product. I know 100% everyone out there would love to have one of these.

The big questions is, do you really need one? Well, we tested the Grypmat thoroughly and we would not do without one now.

Before we used one we had to have our tools on the floor or on the car resting up against the metal work.

Which of course could result in scratching of paint work.

The Grypmat stop all this, we now have a safe place to put our tools while we work and they will remain where we put them.

Now you know that you should buy one, what else do you need to consider?

Well, the Grypmat is available in 3 sizes.

We started with the large one, but we now have all three sizes.

The small Grypmat is just perfect for holding screws and bolts.

The medium one is good for holding a handful of tools.

The large size is perfect for bigger jobs that require more tools.

The tool tray is flexible, it can be twisted into all positions, which is very hand indeed for placing on uneven surfaces.

You will not have the ability to hold tools at all angles.

You can use the mat to keep your tools on for cleaning, it is chemical resistant too.

It is also high end friction resistant.

He was frustrated by his tools sliding off the aircraft and the time he was wasting searching for lost hardware. Working on F-16s in the US Air National Guard, he was often frustrated by tools sliding off the aircraft, and the time wasted searching for lost hardware and climbing up and down the ladder to access different tools. It comes in small, medium, and large sizes, each with partitioned sections for holding different types of tools and hardware. Grypmat tool trays come in small, medium, and large sizes—all of which include in-tray partitions for various tools and hardware. GrypMat works where other tool trays wont, such as the curved surfaces found on aircraft wings and bodies. It’s hard to describe the excitement the we have right now, said Grypmat Inventor and president Tom Burden. After multiple rounds, he learned that he had made a final cut to have a chance to film an episode.

Any advice I would give is that there is no “big break”, there are “breaks” — but don’t think that one break means you have to stop working. There is a world that I want to see and that I want to live in. If you want to get crazy, soap and water will really give it a shine. We twisted, rolled, stretched and pulled ours with no signs of distress, and if they get dusty or grubby, just throw them under the tap and wash with soap and water. However, the demonstration videos let you see firsthand how well the mat can grip to a vertical wall without any type of adhesive or other methods of attachment. This product can be used for plenty of different purposes, and you can put your tools at any angle or position without losing any of them. How did being a member of the Air National Guard help you design, create and market your product?

He just happens to own Virgin Airlines, which is a perfect fit for our product. My purpose is not to just grow “things.” It matters a lot what those things are that you choose to work on in your life. What happened next was life changing for the young inventor. With that, he asks the inventor whether or not he’s tried to sell the mat in any other areas. Today’s show is with Tom Burden, inventor of the the GRYPMAT. The patented Grypmat by Grypshon Industries is made from proprietary, flexible, non-magnetic, non-slip, anti-static material that is highly chemical resistant. Grypshon Industries was founded in 2013 by Tom Burden, an F-16 mechanic in the United States Air Force. Tom Burden is from the small town of Celina, Ohio and is a former F16 Mechanic in the Air National Guard. One day, while he was driving with his mother, Tom noticed a small pad on her dashboard that kept her cell phone secure while driving. Complete your tool box today with our one of a kind anti-slip mat. Meet the Grypmat - a multi-purpose, non-slip tool mat. The Grypmat Tool Mat’s versatility doesn’t stop with airplane engine mechanics.

In fact, the latter is where Grypmat really shines. The Grypmat immediately won awards at SEMA, and then was featured on Shark Tank two weeks later, providing it an interesting ride for Burden and company these last few weeks. Most recently Burden took his invention to ABC's Shark Tank. Grypmat premiered on Season 9 of SharkTank when Burden landed a combo deal with Mark Cuban, Lori Grenier, and Richard Branson. Over the past two years, I’ve had an incredible time working on Grypmat. The response by thousands of retail buyers from all over the world was incredibly positive. The three new Grypmat sizes are available for preorder on Indiegogo. People typically love hearing anything about the military, any details that you can legally provide are always welcomed by others (do be smart about it and keep the military in a good light). To improve your process so that it is so solid, nothing can disturb your workflow.

My Grypmat review reveals that it is a very useful product that every garage should have.

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